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The Farmyard is held on 80 acres of pasture land which is separated in to four huge grass fields. We take up three of these fields with two used for camping (one with campfires and one without) the third field is our entertainment field. The entertainment field consists of four large marquees of varying sizes that have for different types of music playing at any one time.

With a plethera of acoustic acts playing in Crusties from 12 midday on Friday and Saturday the bar is open until around 4am each morning. Crusties a very laid back tent with an atmosphere to match, Selling real ales and ciders. We have a Blues Tent that plays blues and associated music, this year we are having a 60’s and Northern Soul night for a change.

On Saturday the tent plays host to our “Ride in Custom Show” that has around a hundred entries of real bikes rode by real bikers and all this while an open mike spot for those of you with talent to show off.

Our Riders’ Rights’ Tent is organised by the NABD’s Rick Hulse and has predominantly Rock Bands playing over both nights supported by a DJ. After midnight the tent can get a little naughty and it’s not good for under eighteen year olds to be in there Our Main Stage Marquee has a plethora of bands playing on a huge stage with a magnificent sound and light experience the bands can play any sort of music from Rock, Ska, Rock and Roll, Punk anything goes on the main stage.

On Saturday afternoon one of the biggest comedy shows at any event never mind a bike rally takes place on the main stage with over 2500 people watching it at any one time. The entertainments field also has over fifty traders selling any and everything bike related also over 20 catering vans selling all foods from around the world with a huge food hall marquee filled with tables and chairs so you can sit and eat like a civilised human being. If you want a little bit more we have a Sit Down Café marquee with pot plates and cups. Over the weekend over thirty bands will play along with lots of other entertainment going on from start to finish.


Good Grief that’s a big ask! Well I guess the first FYP was held in 1987 under the name The Farmyard Party, but in reality the rally goes back to the early 1980’s when East Yorkshire MAG started a rally to accommodate people traveling to the Hull Anti Helmet Law demos, so in truth at least over thirty years, in reality going on forty years! The first phase of rallies where held in Dunswell Near Hull until 1987 when by sheer luck! Good or bad? The farmer from Dunswell pulled at the last minute and we were offered a farm called Cat Babbleton  that was situated between the villages of Foxholes and Ganton. Moving the Farmyard in 1996 to the dale at Duncombe park for just one year as the locals were not sure they liked the intrusion into village life, we went to Castle Howard the home of the movie Brideshead Revisited near Malton. We found that the locals really didn’t like us at Castle Howard, but as luck has it the Chamber of Commerce did back in Helmsley! Except for a quick bout of Foot & Mouth that saw us at Pickering in 2001 for a year, we were happy to up sticks back down the picturesque dale at Duncombe Park. Way back in 2005 the now infamous Farmyard flood occurred and that put paid to having a large rally in the narrow steep sided dale and we had to move up to the Park Plain at the top of the hill and into Duncombe Park front garden and we have been here ever since.

The Farmyard has been in Duncombe Parks front garden now for 12 years and we seem to have met most obstacles put in our way. With police, councils, fire brigades Health and Safety local councils and local residents always giving us new hurdles to jump we have managed to keep the Farmyard a fun place to go when all around have tried to get everyone wrapped in cotton wool. We have maintained your right to have a live campfire outside your tent should you wish and to be able to enjoy yourselves in any way you wish as long as it doesn’t harm anyone else. Freedom to forget the crap everyday life throws our way!